Instructions to employees

To prepare your staff to the moving about to take place in your company, be sure to give them those few instructions to appropriately prepare their workstation.

1. All office furniture and boxes must be identified with our labeling system so that movers can put them in the right location. This system will be provided and explained to you by our company.

2. It is important to identify correctly all your company’s items, from the largest to the smallest (e.g. file cabinets, desks, computers, printers, coat racks, plants, water dispensers, frames, etc.) in order to return them to your workstation.

3. Marking of labels must be clear, wide (3cm high) and visible from a distance.

4. Labels and adhesive tape must be removed immediately after moving to avoid any adhesive residue on surfaces. Note that no label should be used on fabric and leather surfaces (ex: sofas, chairs, love seats, etc.) The person in charge will indicate which elements should be coded and the procedure to do so. See appendix for illustration.

5. You must notify your moving company of any furniture with marble or glass on top – or made entirely of marble or glass. These items need special care and handling.

6. Protecting glass tops should be left on desks and each one identified with the same number as desk.

7. Remove everything from drawers (e.g. desks, tables, chests) and empty file cabinets drawers, bookcases, cabinets and displays.

8. It is important that no key remains in file cabinets and desks locks. Keys must be fixes inside a drawer using adhesive tape.

9. Bookcase shelves must be removed, taped together and placed in the bottom of bookcase. As for hangers and pins, it is suggested that you put them in a box to find them easily after moving.

10. Partitions should be free of any objects such as notes, paper clips, hangers, pins, posters, etc.

11. Frames, pictures and lithographs must be labeled individually. Smaller frames should be grouped and attached together or packed in specific boxes and labeled as well.

12. Computers, printers, keyboards, screens and other office equipment must be labeled separately the same way as other items to be moved. Calculators, connection cables and dust covers will be put in moving boxes or in plastics computer bags provided by us. Light bulb will also be packed individually.

13. It is important that you unplug computers, keyboards, screens, printers and fax machines and prepare it to be moved by removing dry ink cartridges. Wires and cables will be placed in computer bags clearly identified with the workstation number. It is essential to backup all your data before moving.

14. Pets, hazardous wastes, corrosive, explosive or flammable materials are not allowed in our moving trucks.

15. Liquid and powder containers (bottles or boxes) must be closed hermetically, to avoid any accident or damage. In case of damage, Déménagement La Capitale cannot be held responsible.

16. After moving, each employee is responsible to remove the labels on his or her own furniture and computer equipment.

17. Plastic bins should be cleaned and free of labels. Please gather and keep ready for the moving company to pick them up in the next few days.

18. Before filling your furniture, make sure it is level.

19. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Déménagement La Capitale.

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