Moving the kids

DLC keeps the well-being of your family and children deep at heart. To avoid upsetting your children with the relocation, here is a list of suggestions to help them adapt to the idea.

Prior to the big day

Advising our children ahead of time will give them time to get used to the idea. Giving them time to adjust will make it easier on them. Relocation can be confusing and stressful for us, so imagine in the mind of a child!

  • If possible, go visit the house with the children! Show them their future room to allow their imagination to go wild. If visiting the home is not a possibility, show them pictures.
  • If the child is very young, read them stories, or show them illustrated books of stories that revolve around the theme of relocation. Such books are easily available at bookstores and libraries.
  • Involve them in the process of decorating their future room. New wall colour, bedspreads or small decorative objects of their own choosing can make the entire process something fun.
  • Hold a garage sale with discarded toys. If your child is old enough, they can be put in charge of the sales and the fruit of their labour can be used to replenish their toy box!
  • Prepare a small farewell party with some friends. Whether at home or at a local restaurant, it is the perfect opportunity to get the faces of all their friends on film and create a scrapbook. To increase their pleasure, provide your child a disposable camera. Your child might turn into a little reporter by the moving day.
  • offer them a phone book with the image of their favourite character; their friends will be able to register their phone number, address and email address (many children have one!)
  • Sign them up for fun activities. Check the leisure activities available in your municipality or district that will welcome you shortly.
  • Hold a small family council. Review the game plan for days prior to the move and the actual move day. Assign roles and tasks for everyone. This is also a good moment to reassure them and answer any questions that may arise.

Should the children be present the day of the move?

We believe it to be preferable the child be present for a portion of the day so that they may live the transition with you.

  • Younger children (infants and toddlers) should be left with a reliable person in order to preserve their habitual routine as best as possible. Perhaps you can organize an empty room or a small area where they can have fun, away from the ruckus.
  • Prepare a “magic box” with their favourite toys, plush animal, and illustrated books . Even those slightly older will appreciate having some familiar objects at their disposal.
  • Have a lunch with some of his favourite snacks. Have juice, water, fruits and other snacks at hand.
  • Organize the new room quickly. Having their bed, furniture and fresh linens ready will add comfort for children.

Once installed

  • Help them make new friends. Go around the neighbourhood on the lookout for children their age.
  • Why not have a welcome party? A small barbecue with new friends and neighbours will make the task of meeting new people easier.
  • If your child is old enough to use the internet, have them contact their friends and share the photos taken during the move!

We hope you have a great move with your family!

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