Our storage lockers

DLC offers you the chance to enjoy a safe storage designed specifically to store your belongings. Whether you do it yourself or you entrust the handling to our experts, we make sure that certain rules and precautions are taken, as is the case with any DLC moves. We offer over 500 storage lockers of various dimensions at our Montreal branch. We also offer storage in wooden cube to our branch in Quebec.

In addition, our offices are conveniently located, clean and temperate. Security is provided 24 hours a day using surveillance cameras, an alarm system that is directly connected to the central and controlled access is given by one of our employees.

You can store your belongings peacefully and use our professional moving services. When you move with DLC, your assets are protected with our padded quilts. We offer you the option of renting these quilts to keep your furniture well protected during your period of storage.

Our storage service offers you the opportunity to store everything in a safe place that will suit your needs. Call our experts to learn more about our storage and inform yourself about our monthly insurance.

Business hours

Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h00

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED


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