Tips and tricks

DLC wants to help make your move a success. Here are a few tips and tricks to achieve this goal!

  • If you pack your own goods yourself, you will probably be able to buy boxes and paper of packing of your mover.
  •  Move your valuables articles, such as jewellery, stocks, bonds, stamps or coins collections and fragile porcelain, pictures and paintings by yourself. 
  • Use two inch moving tape to close your boxes.
  • If you can, empty your basement and bring the articles to the ground floor. You will save time and money. 
  • If you decide to pack on your own, pay extra attention to packing. Indeed, packing is the key to a successful move: mispacked items are at risk and can be damaged.
  •  Get sufficient quantities of packing materials and pack your items a little everyday: this way you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Pack items room by room: unpacking will be easier.
  •  Choose new boxes as they are stronger and won’t collapse. 
  • Protect the bottom of your boxes with a blanket, cloth or sheet.
  •  Protect delicate items and dishware with bubble wrap or with paper towels: pack them individually.
  •  Use boxes specially made for dishware or clothing on hangers (wardrobes).
  •  Fill all empty space with cloth or newspaper: the contents of the box will be more stable. 
  • Place light items in larger boxes. 
  • Remove drawers from dressers. 
  • Use 5cm wide adhesive tape for the boxes’ openings and edges. 
  • Draw a right side up arrow on the side of the boxes. 
  • Identify your boxes with colors or numbers. Mark the content of each box and note its number on a sheet of paper. This inventory list will facilitate the placing and unpacking of the boxes. 
  • Use blankets, sheets, carpets or a sleeping bag to protect your wall hangings, mirrors and long objects that do not fit into a box. Tighten with twine and mark “FRAGILE”. 
  • Pack objects such as lamps and lampshades with bubble wrap and adhesive tape; do not use newspaper which might dirty your items.

If you can, trust the packing to your mover, he is an expert!

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